Yeditepe University

Editor's Introduction

Published by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Yeditepe University, Septet is an online peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal of the arts, humanities and social sciences that aims to increase understanding of the connections between these areas of scholarship. Any scholarly article within the domain of the arts, humanities and social sciences that advances the aim of interdisciplinary investigation will be considered for publication.

We chose the name Septet because of its rich and fruitful associations for this project. It is particularly appropriate for a journal published by ‘Yeditepe’ - literally ‘Seven Hills’ - referring to the city of Istanbul, which is built on seven hills. It is reminiscent of one of the oldest categorizations of the different branches of knowledge for educational purposes under the name of ‘liberal arts’, of which there have been seven since the Medieval times. Septet also refers to a musical ensemble made up of seven instruments, and the interweaving of their individual voices in the act of music-making is an apt metaphor for describing the multi- and inter-disciplinary nature of the journal. There are many more magical, mystical, religious and cultural meanings associated with the number seven, but the three mentioned above should be sufficient to explain why we found it propitious for this undertaking.